Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Yesterday was my Birthday.

I had a very nice, relaxing (which is good!) day.

I chopped off ALL of my Hair.

I shopped online... all day long.

And my husband took me to a fun dinner at Benihana!

After dinner we both couldn't sleep and decided to watch our shows (Pushing Daisies & Dirty, Sexy, Money) well, all of a sudden my neck starts itching like crazy!!! Of course, I think I'm having a (very delayed) allergic reaction to the hair dye and that my throat will soon start to swell closed and I'll stop breathing.

But.. the sane part of me remembered that I had some very fabulous calendula herbal salve right in my bed side table! I put some of the salve on and in about 15 minutes the hive was gone and I wasn't itchy any more... what more could you ask for? (besides a no bugs allowed in the bed sign??)

My little story is actually an introduction to a new section of my blog - Wise Witch Wisdom.

Woman have been Wise One's through most of history. Using the plants and herbs around them to heal (...and possibly to harm). So, with my new section I'm hoping to pass along some useful herbal information that might help you with find relief after being bit by a spider.. or one of the other 100 things that make us uncomfortable throughout the day!

Nature is just waiting to help us, we just have to know how to listen to her...

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mrsb said...

Awesome! I love learning what other people know about herbs!