Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evil Mommy...

Well, I had started a new blog.. EVIL MOMMY (yes, that' s me.. muhahahaha!!!)

I was going to write all about my Adventures of being a Stay-at-Home Mom to kids with Special Needs... but, well.. I just can't keep up with another blog. Plus, I think my kids sort of fit well into my Daily Life as a Work at Home Witch... it is all me (and my life) any way and right now I'd like to keep me in one place as much as possible (it's getting really hard to spread myself thin.. like I have in the past).

So... You're stuck with hearing my rants (and raves!) of being a Mommy to kiddos with Special Needs... (the rants are mostly about the school district and other evil outsiders, the raves are all about my kids and how unique they make my life!)

Hope you don't mind the detour too much!

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mrsb said...

I look forward to reading it all!