Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sacred Space ~ C O N T E S T

My husband and I were flicking through the stations last night on the TV and got sucked into watching one of those ghost hunter shows... this one was based some where in Europe. I was sort of confused about what everyone was 'seeing' I guess it was more about what they were 'feeling' - but that's hard to translate to TV.

I always like to see how they help the Spirit move on, or cleanse the area or help the occupants of the house feel better about what's been going on (usually by figuring out the back-story about how it all got started to begin with...). The whole show was just a great reminder about how important it is to cleanse and purify your house!

Your whole house is really Sacred Space, not just the area where your Altar is (although that's really the most important because that's where you're calling up energies in a more concentrated space...), but really wherever you are, you're calling up energies, all the time, at every moment of your existence. So, it's so important to cleanse your space on a regular basis - sort of like Spring Cleaning (but don't wait for spring to do it!!).

So.. for this contest I'm offering a Mini Herbal Purification Kit. It comes with two white tapers (they're about 7-inches in length) and a 2 x 3 bag of White Sage (the perfect herb for cleansing!).

The contest will run until Jan 1st and I will post the winner here on the 2nd. All you need to do to enter the contest is Post a Comment here and I'll add your name to the Drawing!
Best of Luck!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Doom and Gloom... Sorry!

I really hate writing about sad news, but I guess it's a part of life and since it's been such a BIG part of my life the last few weeks.. I guess I'll share a bit of what's been going on here.

My husband's grandmother died early this week. It is very sad news and yet very good news as well - she was sick and suffering and now I know she's in a better place, not in pain any more.

My mother-in-law is still very sick with pneumonia. She's home now, but can't leave the house. I most likely I will not be able to see her for the Holiday Dinner we were going to have this week since I woke up with a cold yesterday and we can't take the risk of her getting any sicker.. so once again, Thanksgiving was the first, the Holiday's this year will be strange for us.

I guess fate didn't want to leave my side of the family out of things, so there has been some sad news there as well. My father found out he had a staph infection earlier this week. Thank the Gods he knows himself and trusts his own judgement! He was admitted into the hospital ER and had surgery the same night to stop the spread of the infection (the original doctor he saw there told him to go home and come back when he could get an appointment, but my father said no). The surgeon who worked on his hand told him if he would have gone home, like was suggested to him, he would have died that night. But almost all is well now, he's home and recovering and I can't see him either due to my illness.. but hearing his voice on the phone, the new strength in it and the laughter, I know he's going to heal well and be up and about soon.

Ahhh.... there is more, if you can believe it. My little sister (she's 17) got into a lot of trouble and almost died over the weekend. Thankfully my mother had admitted her into the hospital, so she was being monitored and helped when her breathing stopped... several times. She mixed drinking and drugs and was out of control, didn't know who anyone was, was seeing things. It was very sad. And now she's too far away for me to go and see her, so I just have to sit and wait for news to come.. I still don't know if she's home yet, but I'm hoping to hear soon.

The last little bit of stress came yesterday.. my new puppy (he's four) had some head tremors that lasted about 5 minutes. We're bringing him to the vet after the holiday (or to the animal emergency room if it happens again!), but I hope it's just something simple. We just lost our other dog about a month ago, our 10 year old Lasso Apso Tucker and if something happened to Rex right now.. I think I would take to the bed and not get up again... for a while.

Sorry for all the doom-and-gloom. It's all out of my system now.. and the next post I make will be a CONTEST! I gotta make some Holiday Cheer around Here! SO.. give me a bit to make pancakes for the Family and I'll be back soon to post the new Contest Info!!

I miss all my Blogging Friends.. and will be around to visit blogs later tonight after I'm done wrapping up the last of the presents..

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

MUSE in Twilight - CONTEST

You know how I love contests.. and a Twilight related contest is just too much for me!


Here's the info on how to enter the contest

1. Click “get & share” on the bar underneath the widget. Select the place where you want to put it, like Myspace, etc. (If you want to put it on your Facebook, go here:

2. Place the widget on your page and make sure that it plays and works.

3. Take a screenshot of the widget on your page. Don’t know how? Instructions
for PC (
and Mac (

4. Email your screenshot to musetwilight@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it along with your first and last name, the Twilight site you found this contest on and your mailing address.

The contest ends on Friday, December 19th, so get started now! We’ll be
checking the winners page too, so make sure the widget is there for at least a

It’s that easy! Then you’re in the running for a MUSE Twilight prize pack just
in time for the Holidays.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Also make sure to test the embedded code and if you have any problems please
tell me immediately!

Thanks again!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What do you do When You're Overwhelmed?

I’m learning that when I’m stressed and overwhelmed with doubt and frustration that I need to start applying what I’m learning at school (I’m studying metaphysics, for those who don’t already know..) So, what is it that I know?

Well, if I let the uncertainty and the concerns overtake me then that is the outcome I will have. So, what do I do when I feel like giving in and succumbing to the dark emotions of worry, doubt and fear??

I start to take in deep breaths and relax.

I close my eyes.

I let myself……… F E E L. I turn myself over to my senses. And slowly, I turn all my focus on my heart chakra, glowing green—maybe it’s not too bright or spinning the correct way or cluttered with dark spots. But, I continue to focus until the light there is bright, until it’s all I can feel, until it surrounds my whole body and extends out into my aura. Until everything I can see is touched with Bright Green Light.. and then Pink.

I surround myself with loving, compassionate energy and listen to where the pull of my heart is taking me. Sometimes, it’s not in the direction I’d always think…

And then I slowly open my eyes and take a minute (a FULL MINUTE, for real!) and feel overwhelming gratitude for the things I have in my life that make me happy, that bring me joy, contentment, and peace.

After that… I smile.

And then the rest seems easy.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Bachelor of Metaphysics

In the Spring I signed up to start taking classes to study Metaphysical Sciences.. I’m working on my Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences right now, but will be continuing on for my Master of Metaphysics and possibly my Doctorate Degree.

I love all the classes I’ve been taking. There’s just so much information, all on subjects that are completely fascinating to me – Mediation Skills, Gods & Goddesses, Herbs & Natural Medicines, Colors & Symbols, Manifesting Skills, Crystals & Gemstones, Divination Systems, Nutrition, Aura Viewing, Yoga, Reiki, Dreams, Astral Projection… I could really go on and on (there’s over 70 classes!)

So, although I’ve been reading and reading and reading.. I finally took my first test last night! I got a 98% (which means I passed!!!). So now I’m trying to figure out some reasonable goals for myself so I can graduate in a fair amount of time. I’m having so much fun with the classes, I’m really not in a big rush.. Sometimes it’s good to set up a goal to work toward though, make sure I don’t get off track! PLUS, it might help me to:


I’ve read the The Twilight Saga twice now in less than a month and already I want to start over again with all 2400 pages.. it’s becoming a monthly EVENT! To me, it's just like watching a movie over and over again (and, as someone of you may remember, I love to do that as well!) I think my favorite in the four book series is Breaking Dawn... I keep going back and reading the last half of the book, it's just the best (I won't say anything beyond that since I don't want to spoil it for anyone that hasn't read the books yet).

Ok.. I'm off to go finish up my Manifestations Skills Class (yay, wish me luck!)

Hope you guys have a Great Weekend!

Witch Crafting ~ Make Your Own Yule Log

I thought it might be fun to make my own Yule Log this year. It's a fun thing to do with the kids, the tricky part (well, depending on where you live) is finding a good piece of Oak Wood for the base!

If anyone decides to make a Yule Log and post pictures on your Blog.. I'd love it if you'd leave a link for me to stop by and see!

Making a Yule Log:
  • You'll need a piece of Oak Wood - approx 4" thick and 10" long
  • Drill three holes in the top of the Log (for placing candles, aluminum foil can be used around the bottom of the candles to help with the fit)
  • Decorate your Yule Log with Foliage to reflect the Season -- Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe are some good starting places.

When you're ready to Celebrate the Winter Solstice light your Candles and Welcome the rebirth of the Sun King!


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Welcome to December...

I can't believe it's already December!

Time is just moving so quickly now.. I feel like there's so many things I want (or wanted) to do--to start. to finish. And now it's almost Holiday time, so I will have to put things off even more.

My son finally went back to school today. He just turned 6 in October. We had enrolled him in a Private Catholic School at the beginning of the year, but he has Autism (which wasn't really much of a problem in pre-school) and so it was sort of unexpected that he would have such a difficult time with the program at a private school, but I guess with no extra help (like an aid, or sensory breaks and good stuff like that...) what were we really thinking?? So.. he's been out of school, home with me since the end of September sometime (i think, it all feels like one really LONG day to me).

Anyway.. today was the first day BOTH the kids went to school and I had THREE GLORIOUS HOURS to M Y S E L F!

WOW.. I had no idea three hours could make such a difference. Life is starting to seem like it's going to be OK again.. lol. I say that lightly since we're still fighting with the school district over my son's IEP and even over what Public School Placement is the most appropriate for him (free and appropriate education and all that, ya know??), but we have a Lawyer who's working on most of the fighting for us.. so at least I can't screw it up that bad, guess we'll see how good she is at the meeting later this week!

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent me well-wishes for my Mother-in-Law (who was in the Hospital the week of Thanksgiving..) She was released on Saturday, but told not to leave the house for two more weeks. She's still recovering, but she's getting better everyday.. and I'm so thankful for that! This Thanksgiving was just very strange without her. And then we found out on the way to dinner that night that our Auntie was also in the Hospital (same hospital) with some intestinal problems. So.. at least they were together (in a sense), but all of us at the house really felt the impact of their absence.. it was strangely eerie and none of us really wanted to think about it too much, because one day, not that far off someone will be missing.. and it will be heartbreaking.

The last thing I wanted to mention (if you haven't bailed already on this more than depressing post...) is that my Mom and my sister moved out of the state today. They are on their way to Illinois as I type this... Leaving, on a Jet Plane. Ya, it was really disappointing that they couldn't find enough time for more of a goodbye. They stopped in this morning from 8:05 am -8:20 am while I was flying through the house trying to get everyone ready for school, while attempting to hold it together enough to still drop everyone off (and not have the teachers think I'm more nuts than I am...)

So far December is not ranking high up on my favorite month's list for 2008... but I believe in Magick more than anything and so I'm hoping I'll be able to change all that by the Next Full Moon. After the whirl-wind that was November, it's time to regain control of my life and start intending and allowing rather than just sitting back and watching.. nothing good ever comes from that!

Hope everyone has a Peaceful Day!