Friday, April 03, 2009

Pagan Blog Prompts - What Makes Me a Pagan?

Pagan Blog Prompts ( is a new blog that is, hopefully, going to give our magickal writings a boost with insightful weekly questions!

My friend Sunfire decided to start the Pagan Prompts blog just this week.. so if you have a few minutes swing on by and add your two cents -- suggest a topic, answer a question or just say HI and leave a comment!

Now, to answer this weeks question.. What makes me a Pagan?

I think of myself as a Pagan mainly because of the deep respect and reverence I have for our Mother Earth. I honor and celebrate the Cycles of Nature. I find Wisdom in the Trees that surround my home and Spirit in the small Animal Creatures that live in my yard. I believe in Magick to the smallest degree… Spirit surrounds us and shows us strength in its Beauty.


Sunfire said...

Thanks for checking out my new blog, and for answering the question.

It seems Nature and Spirit are the most common things in Paganism, and it's nice to see so many people recognizing and honoring that.

Can't wait to see you 'round next week!

Sunfire said...

Oh, and yes, you can post on whatever day you want - doesn't have to be Thursday. That's just when you can expect a new prompt from me.

Connie Mitan said...

I'm starting on my New Year's Resolution early and catching up on past Pagan Blog Prompts responses. Glad to see I did in fact respond to your first reply, but I also see that you haven't been back, or at least not used the label "pagan prompts" in your blog again. Is there a reason? Just wondering.