Sunday, July 26, 2009

Heart-O-Matic... Fun Tools for Etsy!

I was just introduced to the funnest little tool for Etsy Sellers called the Heart-O-Matic from

I've been (sort of) selling on Etsy for the last year or so.. I actually registered on the site in 2006 and then didn't do anything with my account until last year. I've only really had a few things listed, until just recently. I've been on a Witch-crafting extravaganza - having fun brewing up magical goodies, taking pictures and sharing them in my little online boutique. Not that I need more stuff in my little Garden Studio, but I come up with ideas and then end up having to buy something to finish up the project. Everyone has been having lots of fun, including Austin, the Dog and the Kids... our new little Bird, Hedwig (pictures and story to come soon), has even escaped the cage a few times to try and join in the excitement!

I'd love to know if there are more Etsy Tools for Sellers out there, so if you know of anything fun (and useful) please post and let me know! Also, for all you other Etsians out there, post a link to your shop or your favorite seller so I can check 'em out... I love shopping probably as much as I love selling!

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