Saturday, July 25, 2009

Herbal Adornments...

I've finally made a few new things for my Etsy Shoppe!

I collect books and love to read and learn new things. One of my favorite things to read about is magic... there's something about it that just fascinates me, it's so interesting. I've come across several old spells and folk charms that call for you to carry or wear an herb. I've been wanting to try out one of these herbal charms, so off I went into my Garden Art Studio the other day to finally find the supplies (I'm also a collector of stuff)... I was rummaging around my shelves, drawers and boxes and actually found some miniature vials I had purchased a while back (there's a funny story that goes with this) and this is what I came up with...

I made the one I was wanting for myself, it's filled with Cinquefoil - Love, Money, Health, Power and Wisdom is what Cinquefoil Leaves can offer and when worn are the gifts that are granted! I've had this one on for almost a week now. I also made several others and decided that it might be right to list some in my Etsy Shoppe.... I have about 10 different ones made as of today - lavender, rosemary, chamomile, poppy seed, red rose, witches black salt, sea salt, cinquefoil, catnip and white sage. But each day I'm finding more and more magical herbs that are perfect to enclose in these tiny talismans.

I can do custom adornments - those who are interested can pick the herb (or herbs) they would like included in their vials. Oil can be added, to preserve the herbs (at no additional cost). I can make the chain length custom as well. The first adornments I listed were with a 26" oxidized metal chain, but I like a 21" length (it just works well for the clothes I wear...)

For now I'm wrapping the necklaces in black tissue and stowing them in purple organza drawstring bags, but I'm looking into some really cute boxes to present them in instead... these little magical enchantments just seem to require something more special!

I've already started making adornments for my family... my kiddos got lavender ones, which worked out to be the herb they needed the most anyway. My husband decided he would carry his adornment on his key ring, and depending on the day sometimes he's carried more than one. We even tried one on the dog for a bit... but the cat thought it was a built in toy made just for him, so decided it might be best to take it off him.

I've been selling online for almost 10 years and I've never felt this much excitement over one of my items before.. I really feel like even though they are something so small, they really are something very special.

.... before I go I have to tell you the funny story about the vials - which comes with a bit of a lesson for all you other online shoppers! I purchased these little vials months ago. I was shopping online, we had family staying here from out of town, I was in a hurry, the kids were running around making too much noise (as usual) and all I needed were some vials to put herbal spell powders in. So, I found these great vials and just bought them really quick.. I figured, "they'll do." Well, when the package arrived I thought it was a bit small for 50 vials, but what did I know and after I got through all the bubble wrap.. I couldn't stop laughing! They were so tiny, I had no clue what on earth I would ever do with them. I would have been upset, but the seller really did list their size... I just didn't get my ruler out to see how big (or should I say small) they really were. And now, I'm really glad I didn't... because they are exactly what I needed, it just took a few months for me to figure it out!

So.. to quote Master Shifu (from Kung Fu Panda...), "There are no accidents...."

Have a Great Night!


mrsb said...

Oh! I LOVE tiny little bottles full of stuff, lol! So cute!

Lauren And Andrew said...

What a great idea! I'm off to your shop now to check them out!
Peace and love,

Sage Moonstone said...

Thanks Ladies!

Faeriely Odd Witches said...

I love these tiny blessing bottles, very cute idea!