Friday, July 24, 2009

Just a little update...

I was checking out some of the blogs I follow this morning and came across this really upsetting news. If you have a few minutes why not read 48-hours-for-Larry's Story and bid on a few items, if you are financially able - it's always nice to try and help out others any way you can.

I also found out during my perusing this morning that Mrs. B is going to be running her contest 31 Days of Halloween again this year! If you are a seller or an artisan you may want to donate something to her giveaways, or if you are a blogger you may want to add an article or just swing by for some of the FUN.. cuz it is FUN!!

I know I haven't been posting much.. In my defense I have been buzy creating some new magical treasures for my Etsy Shoppe.. fly by and take a peek if you get a chance! For me, selling on Etsy has never really felt like a business.. it just feels like sharing. I make things at home that I like, and that I use, and sometimes I share things online with the other members of the Etsy Community. Ebay, to me, has always felt a little bit more like a business, but Etsy has always just felt like sharing.. lol. I guess I'm still not used to selling things I create myself yet.. one day I'll get it!

I've also been very busy entertaining the neighbor's cat for the last few weeks. He is just the cutest thing. His name is Austin and one day he just showed up on our door-step. My son, who is almost 7, had just started getting into Garfield books and one day while we were on our way to school he wished out loud, "that we had an orange cat just like Garfield." Well, by the time we got home that night, Austin was sitting on our front door! (pretty good manifesting for a six year old - a little scary, huh??? LOL) Anyway.. once the neighbors figured out Austin moves in here every time they let him out, they stopped letting him out for a while... but he's back now (we're all very happy about it - including the 120 pound dog and the two birds!) He's been here for a little over a month now.. I've got some really cute pictures that I'll post in a bit!

Not much else has been going on. I really want to get a blog make-over. I used Lauren over a Restored 316 Designs before, but she's all booked up. So.. if you know anyone who does blog designs be sure to let me know!! I'm looking more into the gothic-victorian style. I could probably do the graphics myself, but I just don't know how to upload the design without loosing all my followers... maybe I'll have to do some reading and figure out how it's done... that way I can save the money to feed the neighbor's cat! LOL...


greekwitch said...

I think you have a little witch in the house. Wait till he finds out how spells work!!!

mrsb said...

If you switch things around, you won't loose your followers - blogger will keep track of them. The issue is keeping the stuff in your sidebar, which gets tricky.

When you are changing the HTML, make sure to hit to expand your widgets.

What I do when I want to do something new on the blog? I create a new blog, do all the work over there and recreate all my widgets and side bar stuff. Then, when I have it all like I want, I transfer all my stuff back onto my real blog!

It's a lot of work, but it makes sure that I don't "poof" anything important into a black hole!

Oh, and thanks for the shout out! I'm already so excited about it! So many people have already volunteer to participate, so it's going to be way better than last year! And the more, the merrier!