Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Off to see the Wizard...

Well.. You may have noticed that I'm doing some re-decorating on the blog - I've even changed the name!

Deb over at Paradise Web Design is just best web designer anyone could ask for! I was looking for a vintage inspired change for my blog and she had the perfect thing for me! I love it and I hope you guys love it too! I'm still moving things around, so if things seem out of place or if you see a picture one day and the next its gone.. it's just me tinkering around with things.

I'm really enjoying my new blog name too.. Enchanted Garden Studio just reflected what I do here a bit more than the old name. Most of my products are herbs or herb related and my Art Studio is tucked away in our little garden (I promise to post pictures one day..) Overall, just a better fit.. I'm starting to feel more at home here already (maybe I'll actually post more than 3 times per month)!

So.. tonight my husband found a babysitter for the kids (ahhh! the timing couldn't be better...) and he's taking me to go see the new Harry Potter movie. It's funny, this year I'm not nearly as excited.. I really wish I was off to go see the New Moon movie instead.. but since that would mean Winter was almost here, I guess I can wait a few more months for my beloved Edward!

Mmmm.. what else is going on... well, I'm ready for the kids to go back to school. We are starting to run out of things to do and I'm just tired.. I need a break! We've been staring at the i can has cheezeburger website for the last 5 days.. the kids think the kitties are all very funny. We started some clay projects as well yesterday.. I made my very first Sponge Bob character (Plankton) out of polymer clay.. my husband actually thought I bought it at the store (that made my night!)

I've been listing more trinkets and treasures on Etsy.. My latest are these 1 oz. jars filled with dried herbs for spells. I have close to 100 different herbs here, so if you're looking for something and you don't see it in my little boutique please feel free to ask me (I can always do custom orders as well...)

I think I love my new signature the most.. I've been working a lot lately with Hecate & Psyche... there's a bit of both their symbols in my new siggy line.. I think I'll be posting more just so I can see it!

Ok.. I'm off to make a quick dinner for the kiddos and straighten my hair before my date.. oooo la la!!

Have a Wonderful Night!


greekwitch said...

I love your new look! Happy Lammas!

mrsb said...

WOW! Gorgeous blog!

When the name came up in my reader, I coudn't figure out when I'd started reading this blog, lol! Glad you pointed out the change! I would have eventually fiured it out, when I saw your signature ;O)

Celestite said...

I love the new look too!
very magickal, very pretty.
And like mrsb I was a little confused too....glad I checked it out!