Sunday, August 02, 2009

Freaky Friday...

I'm still trying to let everyone know about my blog name change - from Hocus Pocus to Enchanted Garden Studio. Hopefully after this months newsletter goes out there will be less confusion.

So.. this weekend started off a little unusual. Our little baby-puppy- dog (he's a 125 pound black lab who thinks he's a 4 pound cat) got out on Friday. We rescued him almost a year ago now and he's never tried to get out before.. but we have (what I thought) was a small hole in the fence, so Rex decided to go poking around to check things out - he's gotta keep the house safe, right? (so he was only trying to do his job!) He was only out front for about 3 minutes, until I noticed my shadow was missing (he follows me every where), but apparently that was long enough! I guess he got bit or stung by something and his poor ears swelled up.. I swear he looked like dumbo! He wouldn't let me take any pictures while holding his ears back (I think he knew he was going to make it on the blog!! LOL) but I did get a few (with his face hidden) where you can see the swelling.. poor baby! So he got lots of Benadryl and a visit from our Mobile Vet (which is such a cool service!!) and finally today his ears are looking back to normal again...

(you can sort of see the swelling in the picture below..)

So.. on to other things! I've been trying to add some items to my Etsy Boutique, if not everyday, then every few days. This month I actually had a new item to enter into my Street Team's Challenge... I was hoping I could bribe everyone to vote for me at the Roots & Shoots, Buds & Blooms Challenge for the Pagan's of Etsy Street Team Challenge this month. Please feel free to forward the link on to anyone you think you might be able to talk into voting for me (or just anyone really, I'm on the volunteer committee for the Street Team, so I just like to see participation for the group).

We watched the Nicolas Cage movie, Knowing, last night... I'm still not sure what to make of that whole thing. I'm the type of person that has to watch a movie at least 3 times before I start really getting into it and I just don't think I can watch that movie again.. it sort of gave me the creeps. I had to watch Tinker Bell just to go to sleep after Knowing was over!! Now Tinker Bell is a movie I can watch over-and-over-and-over.. It's so cute! I just checked Amazon this morning and found out they have a new Tinker Bell movie The Lost Treasure, so I'll be picking up a copy of that soon to check out and maybe I'll even let the kids watch it too.. lol.

Anyway.. I hope everyone had a Blessed Lughnasadh.. It's really a celebration that used to last all month and we'll be very happy to accommodate that in this house! We have many things to appreciate and be thankful for.. our harvest is much this year, so we have lots to honor the Gods for!


greekwitch said...

Oh poor thing! Once Phoebe (my dog) got stung by a bee and her whole head got swollen and her eyes really red. It was sooo scary. I know how you must have felt!
I have never saw a tinkerbell movie. I did n;t know they exist actually.
I will try to vote you. I have never done it before so i am not sure if it is easy but i will definitelly try!

greekwitch said...

I did it. I voted for herbal adornments! Yeah!
Good luck. I will try again, to see if it wll allow me to vote once more. As i told you i am new at this.
Actually, i always wanted to buy things from Etsy, but i thought that shippment would cost a fortune since i am in Greece.

Sage Moonstone said...

Thank you so much!!

I think shipping always depends on what you are shipping or buying.. I see lots of people over-seas selling, so it might be worth looking into!

Have an Enchanting Day~

patricia said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.