Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Twilight

It's been months and I'm still obsessed with Twilight and anything and everything related to it!

I just picked up a copy of Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion. I sat and read through the whole thing this morning, I really love learning about how the whole movie came together the way it did (and the pictures of Rob playing Edward Cullen aren't so bad either!)

Anyway.. just thought I'd post a little update. The weather has been really over-cast and raining so my Fibromyalgia has been acting up (I'm not on the computer much when that happens...)

I've got some more goodies to post later (as well as a contest!), so maybe after the kids are off to bed I'll try and post again!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

In honor of St. Valentine's Day (which is really a front for the Old Pagan Holiday - Lupercalia) I'd like to offer a special on my Love & Romance Powder Incense... if you purchase this item from my eBay Store just let me know that you are one of Blog Readers and I will give you free shipping on this item to any where within the U.S.

I hope everyone has a Wonderfully Romantic Day... filled with blessings of Health & Fertility in the forth-coming months of Spring!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Full Moon Blessings & Reiki Healing Giveaway

I've been working a lot on personal healing over the past few months--Incorporating into my day healthy eating, herbal teas, vitamins and aromatherapy. Meditating at least once a day (sometimes more) has been a huge part of my spiritual process as well as doing Yoga every night. I have also welcomed Reiki into my life again.. and it feels absolutely divine!

I had some healing help from my wonderful friend Joanna at Earth & Sky Spirit Reiki. She spent a great deal of time with me putting together a fabulous healing session that really helped me to feel like myself again. I now feel whole, complete, grounded and ready to help others on their Spiritual Path again!

I'm so excited about my new Energy Work & Natural Healing Practice that I would like to offer all my wonderful Readers, in honor of the Full Moon, a Lunar Light Healing Session free of charge! All you have to do to receive your healing session is follow me on twitter (Better send me a Direct Message there after signing up to Follow Me, so I know who you are!)

Lunar Light Reiki is a highly vibrant, loving energy that is very beneficial in healing sessions. Lunar light has many excellent properties-the most important being emotional healing. Its energies help with all feminine aspects of life and promotes peace of mind, calmness and balance. It cleanses and protects from negative energies as well. It's wonderful for use in Meditation.

I offer this energy as a gift in Honor of this Month's Full Moon.. I hope it brings you much peace!

In Light..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wise Witch : Herbal Hangover Remedies

Well, after my husband thoroughly celebrated this past Super Bowl Weekend I had to dig through my bag of tricks and come up with some Wise Witch Wisdom for banishing Hangovers! Since I had the information handy, I thought it might be useful to post the tips here as well. I probably should have thought about posting before all the Super Bowl Parties, but I'm absolutely sure you will be able to use this information again in the future (no crystal ball needed for that one!)

Usually, after we indulge in too much in alcohol, we are feeling poorly due to dehydration - which can cause headaches, insomnia, irritability and depression. Of course, we need to do the obvious and drink more water, but we also need to replenish the lost body salts to help with absorption.

A few quick and easy things to start the morning off with...

  • Dandelion Tea: Not only is it a wonderful diuretic (which means it helps rid your body of toxins faster) it also adds potassium back into your body. You can pick up Dandelion Root, Tea Bags iconat for a pretty reasonable price too!
  • Bananas: Another high Potassium food.
  • Saltine Crackers: Helps replenish the lost Body Salts.
Along with the symptoms of dehydration that can occur, we can also experience a host of other not-so-pleasant-morning-after-feelings that a little Wise Witch Wisdom can help dissipate! The following Herbs, Flowers and Fruits are very useful to keep on hand, especially during times of too much Celebration...

  • Chamomile: A wonderful way to ease irritability and help yourself relax is with a soothing cup of Chamomile Teaicon. Other useful benefits include reducing headaches and indigestion.
  • Dandelion: Already mentioned above, Dandelion Tea is a natural detoxifier and diuretic. You may wish to drink it as a tea or add it to a salad (well, maybe, if you feel up to eating that is...)
  • Fennel: A cup of Fennel Tea can be extremely helpful in reducing nausea and indigestion as well as other effects of alcohol on the body.
  • Juniper: If you're one of those people that believe in drinking the next day to help chase away a hangover you may wish to try a Gin & Tonic with a twist of Lemon and a bit of Honey. Gin is made from Juniper and is a great Reviving Agent!
  • Lime: A great way to increase your energy is by adding a few slices of lime to all that extra water you're drinking today (you are drinking extra water, right??) Lime is also a natural refresher and can aid with your digestion!
  • Lemon: If you're feeling a little out of sorts mentally be sure to add some lemon wedges to your water or tea as well! Lemon is an all purpose restorative and natural stimulant that can help refresh, purify, strengthen and sooth your mind and your body!
  • Milk Thistle: A wonderful herb that can protect the liver from damage caused by too much alcohol, you might want to look into taking Milk Thistle iconon a regular basis (just check in with your doctor).
  • Peppermint: An all around useful herb, peppermint can ease headaches, indigestion and nausea. You can drink Peppermint Tea iconor chew on a fresh leaf (they can be purchased from your local grocery store).
  • Rosemary: To get the best hangover-related help from Rosemary you'll probably want to toss a few sprigs into a Salt Bath and soak for no more than 10 minutes in hot water. The rosemary will help increase your energy and relieve your upset stomach, the Sea Salt will help replenish what your body has lost through dehydration.
If you like to use Essential Oils you can try bath oils, vaporizer blends or massage oils. You can also put several drops on a tissue and inhale throughout the day/night. A good reviving blend includes Fennel, Juniper & Rosemary!

Hope some of these tips help!