Friday, March 27, 2009

The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

Friday Freakout..

Well.. things are changing...

Change is never easy for me. I get into a comfortable little groove and off I go. When things change, even when I know it's for the best, I always go through this mourning period and it takes me a while to get the hang of the new routine. Of course, the more right the change is for me the easier it is to adjust.. but it's still difficult.

So.. like I said in the first line... things are changing. The problem is I'm not sure which way I'm supposed to go! Sometimes change just happens; things can no longer go on the way the are. It's almost like change by default. You have no choice in the matter, things are just happening to you. Since I've been studying and working with the law of attraction and manifestation I've been trying to be a little more defined in what it is I'm wanting. And right now I'm stuck. I'm not exactly sure what it is I am wanting, so I have no clear picture in my mind's eye as to where it is I am going.

Today my post is all about my little Friday Freakout... by the end of the weekend my goal is to have a clear idea about the path I want to be on right now, and then I'm going to start moving forward on it. I'm freaking-out since I know whatever I decide, I will manifest (it's such a huge responsibility) and I'm a little un-easy about letting some things go... that's always the hard part... Letting Go. But, it is very necessary.

If you've made it through this much of the post I'd love to hear about some of the projects you're working on now. Have you been doing art or writing or cooking or decorating your home? Making scrapbooks? Starting a blog? Reading books? Watching movies? Going to school? How did you decide which project was more important to you than the rest? Do you do more than one project at a time? How do you balance them all?

I'd love to know.

Anyway.. Thanks for letting me rant! Hopefully my next post will be full of what projects I'm letting go of and what projects I plan to do next!

Have a Wonderful Afternoon....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

forCRYeye ~ PLO

I know there's a lot of us out there in blogger land and we all sort of get to know each other online or recognize someones name from 'seeing' them around.. well, maybe some of you might recognize PLO. She's got a few different blogs.. the one I follow is:

Well.. I was doing my reading rounds this morning and happened to stop by Plo's blog first... She's had a horrible fire at her families home, they've lost everything ( There is a blog going to help them with donations, if you'd like to check it out:

I was just really moved by what happened to them. I know we're all going through rough-patches, but I felt the need to pass along their news.. there's always someone out there that can help, there's always hope.

Have a Blessed Day and Be Safe~

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight on DVD

I just picked up my copy of the Twilight DVD and I'm getting ready to go watch it... but I thought I'd post with a quick check in.

I hope everyone had a Blessed Ostara yesterday! We had a wonderful day, all of us very thankful for the nice (but small) changes in the weather! I'm so happy I can sleep with my windows open again now, I love hearing the birds chirping in the night.. it's one of my favorite things about the warmer months.

I'm still not feeling all the way like myself yet. My Fibromyalsia is taking a while to calm down this time and I think it's because I haven't been to get any body work done in a while. I'll be calling my massage therapist for sure next week to see if she can help me at all with this linger flare.

Like I don't have enough going on with the pain and exhaustion right now

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wise Witch Herbals.. On eBay!

Sorry I've been missing.. The kids got sick. I got sick. The husband got sick. Not all in that order.. I'm feeling better, but still running slow. Since I have fibromyalgia (among other things) whenever I get sick it takes a while to recover.. not fun.

But.. while laying around, taking it easy, I did have the chance to finish up the Vampire Academy series (what's published so far that is). I gotta say, I never thought it could happen, but I am now no longer (as) obsessed with Twilight! I'm so thankful to Richelle Mead.. she doesn't even know! I wonder if I should send her flowers??

Naaaa, I guess that would be a bit too stalker, huh? Oh well.. I'll think of some way to say Thanks!

So, since I've gotten sucked into Succubus Blues (also by Richelle Mead) the book reviews for Frostbite & Shadow Kiss are taking me a bit of time to finish up, but hopefully I'll have them posted over the weekend sometime. I'm very much anticipating the next book in the VA Series, Blood Promise. And honestly, I have to wonder why someone hasn't started Team Dimitri or Team Adrian shirts yet?? (Mmmmm... that gives me an idea!!)

Anyway.. I really wanted to post because I've started a new line of Healing Products called Wise Witch Herbals. I just got the first item listed in my eBay Shoppe today and thought I'd share the link with all of my Super Fabulous Blog Readers!

Wise Witch Herbal Bewitching Baths Lavender Detox Kit includes:

  • 1oz. Lavender Room Spray
  • 3 x 3 bag of Dead Sea Salts
  • Two white Tea Light Candles

All for the low price of $6.95 plus shipping!

If you decide you'd like to purchase a kit with a special discount, please just add HOCUS POCUS BLOG READER in the comment/notes area when checking out and I will deduct $1.50 off the price for you (better buy fast though I only have three of these ready to ship!)

I still am so behind. I have the contest prize pictures already taken and I'm thinking Friday the 13th is a perfect day to start a contest... so until then....

Have a Wonderful Night..

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sage Recommends :: Vampire Academy

Well, for the past four (yes four!) months I have been absolutely obsessed with The Twilight Saga books. I haven’t been this obsessed since The Lost Boys movie came out (maybe it’s just a vampire thing.. lol). I mentioned earlier this week how I picked up a copy of the Twilight Movie Companion and I just pre-ordered my copy of The Official Guide.. now all there’s left to do is sit and wait to see if Stephenie will ever decide to finish up the series and write Midnight Sun!

I’m so depressed.

I swear, this is silly! How can I be totally out of my mind about a book series??

After reading all four of the Twilight books about 5 times I’ve been desperately trying to find another book to fill the void. I’ve been reading and reading and reading and still haven’t found anything that’s captured my heart quite the way Edward & Bella have…. until today!!

Vampire Academy started off just like any other book I’ve purchased within the last few months.. intriguing cover (check), scan the synopsis for the proper amount of fantasy (check), long sigh and mediocre hopes for a good read (check). Of course I started reading the second I got home (I had to see how my day with this book was going to go..) and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised, I actually couldn’t put the thing down! It looks like Richelle Mead has a new fan.. thankfully she’s decided to write five of these Vampire Academy
books (I’m already obsessing about Rose & Dimitri to the point of mild-stalker level).

I’ve been drawn to the whole fantasy genre for so long (witches, wizards, faeries, vampires, goddesses.. you get the idea) and lately my primary focus has been vampires—after falling in love with the Cullen’s I really didn’t know if I could be so easily won over by another vampire family, but Richelle has really created an incredibly interesting world inside the gates of St. Vladimir’s Academy! I was so intrigued by the characters and their mysterious and seductive backgrounds—the royal vampire court sounds so alluring! Honestly, I don’t know what I’d like to be more—Moroi, Dhampir or Strigoi (gasp!)

I instantly fell in love with Rose and Lissa—they are both stunningly strong, beautiful girls that are easy to relate to. All the character plots are exceptionally alluring, leaving you wanting more (thank the Gods there are four more books in this series!) The book is a little over 300 pages, which took me about six hours or so to finish… it was really hard to put down and I instantly regretted not purchasing all the books in the series before coming home. I did however order the rest of the books on Amazon, along with a few others from Richelle (and other authors.. which I’ll post reviews about soon!)

I did check out Richelle’s website.. she’s got a cute, simple site with a blog that she personally updates on a regular basis. I was very pleased to find out she not only has other fantasy fiction books, but she also writes an adult series (the Vampire Academy books are young adult).

So, now I’m off to go obsess about vampires some more.. at least I have more than just the Cullen’s to think about now!