Thursday, June 10, 2010

Angels, 11:11, Reading and Energy Healings..

It's been so long since I've posted.

I don't even know what to write anymore.

So, we're going to take this really slow and just ease back into the whole blog thing.

I've been reading quite a bit, as usual, but for some reason lately I've been drawn to Angels - which is a switch from my usual vampire reading addiction. Also for the past few months I've joined the thousand of other people who are graced with seeing 11:11 wherever they go. After I started seeing this number repeated on a daily basis I began to do some research to find out what it means - then, of course, I started seeing it more than once a day (that's the law of attraction for you!)

Now, not only do I see 11:11, but now I hear radio shows about the numbers ( I just read the other day that Ellen DeGeneres is starting a record label called eleven-eleven - all of a sudden 11:11 (and even 1:11) is everywhere in my reality, so I take it that means the message I'm supposed to hear is an important one.

I feel so blessed to have been drawn to Doreen Virtue and all her wonderful books. I've read several of her books before, but found Goddesses and Angels to really be inspirational since it details several 'days' in Doreen's life and how she is connected to Divine Wisdom on a daily basis and how wonderfully It works for her (and how It can work for all of us, if we just invite It to).

After reading Goddesses and Angels and seeing 11:11 every time I turned my head, I felt compelled to read The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael, another wonderfully insightful book from Doreen (and all the other inspirational contributors).

Both books have really helped me to connect to the Angelic Realm on a much deeper level.. it is truly a Beautiful Journey that I feel I am on. I feel so blessed to have such amazing Divine Help in my life, every time I ask for Assistance, of any kind, I'm always amazed at the quick, compassionate help I receive. Slowly I'm learning to 'let go' and allow Divine Guidance to direct the path I'm on a bit more. So far I've found that it's so much easier to enjoy life when you ask Source for help and then follow the guidance.. all you have to do is go along for the ride, enjoying everything to the fullest extent possible.. (that's how you know you're on the right path..)

Since I've been working so closely with the Angels lately I felt compelled to purchase an Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck and I've started giving readings to my friends and family. I would love to do an Angel Card Reading for you as well - now available for purchase in my Etsy Boutique.

I'd love to hear more 11:11 stories.. if anyone would like to share...

Have a Beautiful Day!


Rue said...

I've been noticing repetative numbers for a while now - not just the 1's, but also 2:22, 3:33, 4:44. I often stop and look at the clock at those exact moments.

When I notice those numbers, I really try to take the opportunity to stop what I'm doing, breathe deep, and balance my energy and thoughts. I'm really interested in this phenomenon and what the numbers might have as far as a message.

Glad you are enjoying your Angel cards - I have Doreen's Goddess Guidance cards and I love them.

The Studio at Crow Haven Farm, LLC said...

Well, this post was worth waiting for! Absolutely the best thing I've read in awhile and thank you for sharing your thoughts and these authors to us. I have read the Goddess and the Angels and found it fantastic. Now you have me curious and must dive into this Angel world. Thank you again and have a wonderful, creative weekend my friend.


YES! Ureeka!!
This is definitely a sign. 11 has been around for a long time for me. I'm SO glad I'm not the only one seeing things. I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm so glad I found YOU. Tell me more about not being afraid to see the signs. I always wonder whether I'm doing the right things, like surfing blogs, and then when I find one that's full of 'signs' and love and peace and gorgeous stuff like yours, I know I'm doing the right thing. Thank you and Bless you.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...


I wanted to pop in and "thank you" for becoming one of my newest followers and oh my gosh I'm so glad I did!

Vampires and favorites!

As for the numbers...I really love numerology and love to read about the significance of numbers.
As for me, when I see repetitive numbers on the clock, I stop and make a wish. I'm not sure where I got that from, all I know is I've been doing that since I was a little girl :)

It's so cool to find like-minded bloggers...I'm so glad you found me as you led me back here...thank you!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Hello my dear friend! I too have seen 11:11 for many many years, as well as 22, 33, 44, or 111, 222, 333, 444 etc. My birthday is also 11, 11! So very excited to celebrate on 11, 11, 2011! Wishing you a beautiful day!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

One last thing-since you like Doreen Virtue as I do, go get the book by her called Numbers 101, it is a little pocket book and since you have started noticing number sequences-you will love it. I carry it everywhere I go and just about get into car accidents looking numbers up. You will start noticing number sequences on Car License plates too! The universe is always speaking to us-we just have to listen. Much love,

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I am enjoying you blog so much! Your so inspirational. You've hit on things that I've been missing in my life, things I have neglected. I have to tell you my 11 story. Four years ago I started finding a penny and a dime together, constantly. In the most bazar places. On a side walk, parking lot, shoe...everywhere. It was always a penny and a dime. It puzzled me to know what the heck it was all about. Eleven certainly had no specific meaning. And I had no idea about 11:11. Now let me say that this usually starts in the fall every year now. After lots of talks with my sister, it hit me. See, my mom passed 5 years ago this past June, my dad passed away it'll be 5 years in December. They always made sure, no matter how sick my dad was (mom had Alzhiemers, she did forget) to wish me a happy birthday, well my birthday is 10/1. Duh, right?! Why else would a dime and penny be around all fall. I love it. As a matter of fact, I found my first set a week ago. My husband thought I was crazy until one day he was home, I was dusting and I picked up a picture and under the picture, yup, a dime and penny. He shook his head and asked why do these strange things happen to you? I don't know, but it's a gift in my eyes.
I can't wait to come back and visit you blog. I feel a sense of peace here. Thank you.