Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been away.. and that's a big deal

Last week, against my wishes, I put my eBay Shop and my little Etsy Boutique on Vacation Status and took a much needed break from life. It's very, very difficult to get me to leave my little nest here at home. I have all my things - my books, my computer, the energy grids I've built in and around my home. I surround myself with all of the things I resonate with most and I am very sensitive to energy.. it's very difficult for me to just up and move somewhere else and have it be easy.

The more I resist the change the harder it is and so the first few days away are always the most difficult. After a while, when I become energetically familiar with my surrounds and fall into a bit of a routine things get easier. It's at that point that I remember why it's important to 'get away' sometimes. For someone like me, who never leaves the house, it's very difficult to step-away and gain any new perspective.. but during times of stress that's exactly what needs to be done the most.

I am very thankful that my husband pushed me out of the house for the last 8 days. We're all back home now and things are starting to feel familiar, but now with the new perspective I've gained I can quickly see when things start to fall into their old way of being and it's easy to change the pattern before it becomes habit.

Enjoy this Beautiful Summer Day.. Go out a do something New!

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