Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Beautiful Friday

It's another Beautiful Friday. Well, sort of. This is the last Friday we will have to enjoy before school starts. Summer Break went by so fast, too fast. I'm preparing myself for the change to come - using lots of meditation and affirmations! I'm learning that endings don't have to be something terrible. They can actually be the beginning of something wonderful.

Today has been such a beautiful day and I expect it to stay that way, Mercury Retrograde and all! I started the morning giving Reiki Attunements and Treatments. The morning was so nice I decided to go out in the Garden to do my Energy Work today. It was such a nice way to start the day! I feel so Blessed that we've had the sun shining almost everyday this Summer. I know it hasn't been the case throughout the whole Bay Area. I appreciate the Sun so much while it's here; that's another ending I usually have a hard time with, but this year I'm going to really work on finding the something wonderful that comes with the change of the Seasons and the colder weather.

I've been listing new items in my little Etsy Boutique. I've had several requests for more Oracle Card Readings, so this morning I listed one from the Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Deck. While I was creating the listing I decided to pull a card, just to see what Power Animal had a message for me. The Zebra came to tell me to Let go of my Fear and Know that I am Safe and Protected at All Times - just the words I needed to hear and at exactly the right time!

I finally decided that I should have a Facebook page. If you Facebook and would like another friend, please feel free to send me a request!

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mermaiden said...

The cold Bay Area weather has confused summer for me, but indeed the time has come for the kids to go back to school. Hoping for a typically gorgeous autumn, though!