Friday, August 27, 2010

The Other Magic Word

My kids are young, both under the age of 10. Most of the time talking with them is either very cute, very funny, very frustrating or very enlightening. The other morning was pure Enlightenment.

I'm actually still amazed, and a little in awe, that it's so easy for the little ones to see things so simply and at the same time so perfectly.

I'm constantly reminding my kids of the 'magic words'. No, not mommy-the-witch magick words, but the magic words, you know please and thank you.

The other morning we were driving to school and my daughter asked me for something so I said, "What's the magic word?"

And she said, "Pleeeeeaaase."

Then she sort of paused for a minute and said, "You know mommy, that's not the only magic word."

I said, "Oh yeah, what's the other one?" thinking she was going to toss out the thank you magic word. But, to my surprise she says, "I Love You. That's a magic word too mommy, did you know that?"

Very quickly I said, "Yes Honey, you're right. I love you is a magic word" just sort of playing along with her. But, after I dropped the kids off at school and had the peace and quiet of an empty car I really started to think about I Love You as being one of the magic words.

The bible says, "God is Love." Almost every self-help or metaphysical book I read says you need to love yourself, you need to send love to others (even those who have hurt you). Some teachers will tell you to see things through the Eyes of God, which if I'm understanding correctly means seeing them with Love (as opposed to fear). So after contemplating this for the entire 20 minute drive home (and many more hours after that), I really do think my six year old daughter was correct in telling me that there is another magic word... and it's I Love You!

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Edain said...

Great post, as ever! :)

Oh and I've just given you an award:

Enjoy! :)

Lenora said...

I love you is magic isnt it! Join us too us for more Practical Magic at Practical Magic - How To Make A Magic Wand

Scratch the hostile fay said...

No doubt! If more little ones grow up remembering that magic word (love), there'll be a lot less pain going on in this world.

:::waves::: Hiiiiiii.


Melissa said...

LOVE THIS!!! Blessings to you!

Crazy Blue Spot said...

Wow, that's so beautiful. Its true about kids seeing things much more clearer than adults do sometimes.

There was even a study done that shows that adults tend to complicate things; and that children are usually right in their simplified view of the world. =D

forever said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

satinder rana said...

Nice post. "I love you" is a magic word for sure (actually words if we look at it technically). :)

Wise words from your children :)

MyrtleHernandez said...

i like the magic word..

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