Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lots to Catch Up On...

Wow, I really feel like I've been missing here from the Land of Blog. So, lots to catch up on.. I think I'll just break everything down into smaller posts over the next few days. That's one of the things I've been working on.. making lists and actually using them!

I've been working on so much lately. Doing a lot of body and energy work, really trying to expand my awareness and reading... never-endingly-reading. It's take quite a few months, since the kids have gone back to school, of almost non-stop working on myself, but I think I'm getting to a point where I feel like progress is being made. After the last 9 years I've just been through, I never thought this day would ever exist again.. I honestly felt I was destined to live a half-life that basically consisted of being a slave for the ones I love. And now, well.. things are changing at an incredible rate and I'm just so excited! So.. I feel like working a daily blog post into my routine shouldn't be a difficult thing, especially when I'm going to be blogging about all sorts of really incredible stuff that you are just going to love! Hopefully the information I share with you will help you on your path as much as it has helped me along mine...

Since I've been reading so many books I thought maybe posting some book reviews might be a good idea - I honestly worry sometimes that I won't have enough time to read (or listen) to all the books I need to hear before I'm gone from this reality. And then of course I remember that the answers to everything we need to know are already inside of us, so I calm down.. but having a book catapult you into the right direction sometimes sure does help! And then of course all the books just-for-fun that are out there.. well, don't get me started!

So.. The first book I really want to share with everyone is Path of Empowerment - Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos by Barbara Marciniak. I've got about a chapter and a half to go until I'm finished, but I just couldn't wait to post this one! Basically we can choose to live in any world we want to and our reality can and will shift when our beliefs do. This book can help to really expand your beliefs and help confirm a lot of the things you may be thinking or feeling, but maybe you're not sure about it.. "are you just making it up?" or "could it be real?" This book for me help to confirm a lot of what I was 'knowing' but didn't trust myself enough to just go with. I think I sat in awe just reading the first chapter.. I felt like I was taken to another time itself, a time when suddenly everything in my world made sense. A few of the Chapter Titles (just to get you excited):

  1. Multidimensional Reality and the Design of Existence
  2. Energy and Frequency - A New Playground of the Mind
  3. Accelerated Energy and Stretching Your Mind in the Nanosecond of Time
  4. The Intimate Dance of Beliefs and Emotions
I won't give anymore away, but I will just say the chapter on Sexuality (chapter six) is amazing! So either pick up a copy from or check out Barbara's website for more information!

Off to go read some of the blogs I've been missing these past few months! If you've got a good post you want some comment love on, just leave a message here and I'll come visit you and read what ya got!

Until Next Time...


Justina said...

Hi Sage,
Thank you so much for visiting and voting for my band, it is much appreciated! :-)

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Hello Dear Sage! It seems you and I both have been on an inner journey and taken an extended break from blogland! I hope this post finds you well and I send you love and light,