Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Monday.. How about a Contest!

It's a Beautiful Monday!

The day has just gone by so fast.. I can't believe it's almost time for dinner! I got to sleep in a bit this morning, which was very nice. Usually I'm up and out of the house pretty early to drop off the kids, but since they are  now officially on Holiday Break we get to take the mornings pretty slow... guess that's why the day is just flying by, there's no structure happening! Oh well.. it's good to just go with the flow sometimes and see where the day takes you.

I'm still on my cleansing and purging mission - today the focus is on my email inbox, which embarrassingly had over 20,000 emails in in. I easily get well over 100 emails a day and I've gotten very lazy and pretty much stopped deleting and organizing any of my emails. So in between bagging up things for donation and recycling I've been taking breaks at the computer and deleting old (very, very old) emails. So, now I'm down to about 12,000 - progress!

Since the kids had a day off today, and I needed a little break, I decided to put out some really big bowls and spoons along with a bunch of herbs, spices, flour and water, measuring cups and spoons and let the kids have fun making a potion! It's something I used to do when I was small and passing time in my Grandma's kitchen.. although when I would do it I would add ingredients and chant 'magic' words (think I was remembering a past life or what??) The kids had a blast making their potions and now that they're done I'm getting ready to clean and mop in the kitchen (this is also a perfect time for a special Full Moon Yule Floorwash too!)

Anyway.. while I was browsing online today I found this really cool contest from Vertical Response that I thought I'd share. There's some really amazing Apple Gift Card Prizes all just for entering a Template Design! If you decide to enter be sure to post a link, I'd love to see your design work! (I'm not getting anything for talking about the contest or the prizes, I just thought it was something fun to mention!)

So.. like I keep saying, lots of new changes are going to be up and coming.. they'll be happening slowly, but if you see things starting to look different don't say I didn't warn you!

Speaking of Change - have you decided on your 2011 Resolutions yet? Do you even do 'New Year' Resolutions? How about leaving a comment and letting me know (either here or on Facebook, I'll be posting the contest there as well) and I'll randomly choose a winner from everyone who left a comment!

Wanna know what the prize is?

The prize is going to be a Vintage Halloween Enchanted Art Curio... a large (5" long x 2 3/4" tall) Altered Art Tag that has been handcrafted (by me) using copies of Vintage Halloween Images, Ribbons, Glass & Pewter Beads and Spacers, Brads and String. 

I can only ship the prize within the United States! Sorry.. next time I'll do a prize where everyone can participate! So.. to enter all you have to do is either leave a comment here or on Facebook talking about what your 2011 New Years Resolutions are. The cut off date for the contest is going to be Wed. Dec 29th. The winner will be announced on Thursday Dec 30th!

Have a Beautiful Day... and Thanks so much for Playing!


heather said...

My new years resolution for 2011 is...To start a BOS journal. So I will be able to pass this down to future generations. So the magick can continue on.

Autism Mom Rising said...

Hi there. What a lovely blog! I do the same thing with email. I have 12,000. That sounds like a lovely idea doing the book. I sat down at the coffee shop today and wrote like 20 goals for the new year....things having to do with son's education and aba goals, to learning PhotoShop premiere for our cooking show to just downright getting more organized.

Heather Winslow said...

Hi Girls -

The winner of the contest is:


Congrats!! AND Thanks so much for playing. Please email me your mailing address and I'll ship out your prize first thing in the morning!

Have a Great Night~
Blessings & Light

Moon said...

Love the tag. I am also heavily into paper crafts!