Saturday, January 09, 2010

Prayer to the Goddess

I know the Laws of Nature are you, Lady.
Keep me mindful that I step upon Your Body,
with your feet,
that my sorrows are Your sorrows,
and that a healthy priest makes all things sound.
I feel Your breath in the wind, and Your hand in mine.
Keep me sincere.
Give me Your work,
which is to be joyous,
and to tend all things, because all things live, of themselves,
and with Your spirit.
Your will through mine, so mote it be.
A Beautiful Poem, and opening Ritual Song written by Francesca De Grandis. I first heard her sing the words when I took a class at her house in San Francisco. It feels like a different time now.. so long ago, yet when I hear the words above, I feel like I'm there once again.. in the arms of the Goddess.
So many wonderful days I spent learning about our Mother through Francesca.. and it's during certain times that you need to feel Her arms around you once again....
I lost a dear friend this week... he had four legs and fur, but he was my friend. He could always put a smile on my face and when I was with him, my Spirit felt lighter... I'll miss him dearly.