Friday, March 05, 2010

Making Magic - Chamomile Flower Floor Sweep

I love Herbal Magic - it's so simple and effective!

Using Flowers in Herbal Magic can be as simple as placing a few of the blossoms around your house or scattering a handful around the base of a candle.

Dried Flowers are so common in homes, most people have them and don't even know the Magical Energy they are creating around themselves.

Chamomile Flowers are used in most teas for relaxing and stress reduction. Magically, they are used for removing negative energy. To do this you may wish to sprinkle a few blossoms around the rooms of your home - window sills are always a good choice or you may decide to place a small dash in the corner of each room. I love to do floor sweeps, which are so simple and really help to clear the negative energy from a room.

To do a floor sweep all you need to do is first take a broom and sweep your floor.. you may only have tile or hardwood floors in the kitchen and bath and that's fine! Always remember to sweep in the direction of the front door - the point is to sweep the negativity out of your home, not to draw it back inside. When you are finished with the broom take your dried herbs and scatter them all over the floor you just swept all the while envisioning loving white and gold light surrounding your home and all those in it. You may wish to chant something or just repeat a short affirmation that will seal and protect your work. Let the herbs sit for a bit and then sweep them all up again and dispose of them (a small biodegradable bag works great!)

Chamomile Flowers not only clear negative energy from a home, but also attract money, wealth and prosperity which everyone can always use a bit of!

Such a versatile flower and useful for both magical and medicinal purposes. I offer fresh, dried, organic Chamomile Flowers in my Etsy Shoppe if you're in need of some, as well as other magical herbs for spells!

Have an Enchanted Day~

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Change is Good and Psychic Kids...

Sometimes change feels so good!

I took some time this afternoon to update the look of my blog. I don't know why, but the look and feel of my blog is directly related to how often I post.. is anyone else like that?

Let's see if this new look helps me to produce more posts!

Right now the whole family is still coming out of hibernation.. we're Spring cleaning, organizing and purifying all the rooms in our house. Right now I'm sitting in the middle of the biggest pile of Legos I've ever seen... it's amazing that my son actually knows what set each lego piece goes to. If anyone has ideas on Lego organization I would love to hear them! So far I've tried small plastic bins and plastic bags - all by color. We're now upgrading to those really big plastic, stackable drawers.. I'm still going to stick to organizing by color (I think). We'll see how many drawers I'll need for that.. right now I'm thinking about 10-15... ugh! I guess it's got to be better than stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night on my way to the bathroom at three in the morning and jumping around with my foot in my hand until I trip over the dog....

We found a new psychic show to watch - Psychic Kids: Paranormal Children! I really liked the show a lot. I think it's so wonderful that a group of therapists and psychics would actually go out and try and help these kids expand their talent and teach them how to increase their skills! The only thing that I thought they could have touched on (just a little) was the fact that these kids don't have to always see negative spirits (that's what they called them on the show). I've been taught, and have read, that you can ask lower level spirits to leave.. and in fact you should always do so! If you have the ability to see the Otherworld, or parts of it, you can ask that only Spirits vibrating with pure Love and your Highest Interest come and show themselves to you. A lot of these kids had tallents that I am not familiar with, so I'm not sure what the policy is when you see ghosts... even so, if you can't ask them to leave, maybe you could ask for protection from your Higher Level Guides. I do know that if you go in expecting to see a three eyed, green face monster that's probably what you're going to see! Maybe they talked about that stuff on different episodes or when the cameras weren't rolling... at least the kids were not so scared by the time everyone left and they had a new psychic friend to share stuff with, I think that's so great!

Anyway.. I'm off to go make meatloaf and sort Legos!