Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Green Flower Mini Canvas Tote

There has been so much going on and nothing even worth posting about! I will not perpetuate negativity and invite more of it into my life by typing about it and sharing it with all of my readers here..

One of the wonderful things that is worth posting about  is that it's now Spring! There couldn't been a better time for the Light to return.. and I'm so thankful for the Warmer Weather and the Brighter Evenings..

And since I'm so happy I've decided to have a small Sping Sale in my Etsy Boutique - I'm offering my Green Flower Mini Canvas Tote (full of goodies) at the reduced prince of $8.95.

I've actually been putting some new sets together and creating some more Magical Treasures for my little shop.. hopefully I'll be able to post some new items over the next few days. My littlest one is sick now and so I've been up tending to her all day and during the night (why do these things always get worse at night?). Strangley enough, through all this, I've been more creative than usual.. who knew what sort of strange inspiration my mind needed to create!