Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Goodies for my Studio

I'm always excited to get new goodies for my studio, so it's not really a big surprise to me that I'm excited about my latest addition.. not only is my new Herb Scale very pretty, it is also very functional!

The new scale I just purchased is going to save me so much time on packing orders and creating new herbal mixes. I've been using it this past week and things have been moving so much smoother - I love it (and I'm sure my customers appreciate the quicker shipping as well!)

The old scale I had was a digital scale that I had lost the plug to, so I had to use batteries.. the problem was the scale would never turn off, so I was going through batteries like crazy. Plus the digital scale wasn't very cute, so I always put it away when I wasn't using it and there were a lot of days when I just couldn not find the scale no matter how badly I needed to pack and ship an order (I will not be missing those days.. ).

So my new scale, that is so pretty (and red, which you can't see from the picture) will be sitting on the file cabinet right next to my desk (for easy access) and of course, to make a lovely addition to my studio (I love how it's got an old vintage-style look to it!)

I love things that make me smile! What's making you smile today?

Until next time..


Auroran Lauriel said...

It IS cute :) I love things that are both beautiful to look at and functional!

Kallan said...

Love it!! This blog is one of the things that makes me smile :)

The Whimsical Witch said...

Thanks so much Ladies!

Blessings & Light ~