Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazon Associates & Blog Exchange

Well, I guess because I live in California I can't be an Amazon Associate any more.. That's such a bummer! I really enjoy having the ability to recommend all sorts of books and products... but that's ok. I'll still be posting all my favorites... it was just so easy to use Amazon with Blogger.

I feel like I've been living on a different planet these past few months. So much has happened and I've been sick (i.e. resisting change) so the process of Life has been much slower than I'm used to. It's given me some time to think and (finally!!) reconnect with my Creative Muses. To me there are few things worse than being cut off from the Creative Voice of Spirit... but now that my Connection has been re-opened I'm feeling drawn to start doing some new things that I'm really excited about.

Right now I'm thinking I will keep my Enchanted Garden Studio blog ( open for all things Creative - Altered Art, Jewelry Making, Candle Pouring, Incense Making, Herbal Mixing... Everything I love to do all while savoring the Spiritual Connection I receive while Creating!

I will be using my Living Earth Reiki blog (  for all things Healing. I am on this constant journey through healing - I have some chronic health conditions, as do my children. I don't think I'm the only one out there in this situation. I read a lot. My whole family is very willing to try new methods for healing. And right now I'm being given the 'green light' during my meditations to start sharing our journey by keeping an online journal about it.. so I will use the blog I currently have for my Living Earth Reiki Spiritual Healing Practice ( and share my experience in the hopes that it might help even just one other person (although it is my intent for it to help more than that...) 

I've noticed when we have chronic heath issues it makes us feel alone, but that's so not the case! And once we can find someone in a similar situation that is thriving and making it work, we have the opportunity to cultivate  Hope within us... Once we have Hope we can really begin to start to heal... even if only on a small scale. It's all about taking 'baby steps' and being kind to ourselves. I don't want to get into too much here.. (I'll leave that for the other blog) I just wanted to share what I'll be focusing on and where. I do hope you'll join me.. I'm excited, for the first time in a very long time. I just hope my energy levels can keep up with everything I'd like to do... Guess I better go Energy Test my Green Drink to see if that's what's Healthiest for my Body right now (we'll talk lots more about Energy Testing, Supplements, Food... and all sorts of Great Stuff on the new blog!)

Thanks so much for your continued interest in my little blogs.. it means so much to me!

Until Next Time
Light, Love & Laughter...

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Who's a Bad Dog?

I couldn't help but post this really funny 'Bad Dog' clip! Hopefully you'll enjoy it while I type up a few real posts and work on getting my blog rolling again. It's been so long since I've posted.. I feel like the poor 'bad dog' in the video... ha!!